Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is simply a business solution which allows an organization to contract with a third-party supplier to take over the tasks involved in planning, securing, installing, maintaining, tracking and/or updating a WiFi network within your company premises. The reason why you should consider using managed services is because the cost involved is significantly less than doing it yourself. You will also be saving time and money. There are many advantages of using a managed service provider when compared with setting up and maintaining your own WiFi routers, security systems and networks. One of the main benefits is that the entire process is automated. This means you do not have to worry about anything and everything from configuring the connection, monitoring, installing, testing, configuring and keeping networks secure.

There are various managed wifi networks to choose from.

Some of the providers have exclusive deals with certain brands of consumer electronics equipment like laptops, netbooks and various other devices. For these reasons, your choice of suppliers must be based on their reputation and proven track record. Some of the popular brands of consumer electronics equipment, which many choose to acquire through managed WiFi providers include Dell, Compaq, Gateway, HP, Toshiba, Sony and others. These companies are known for providing excellent customer support and continued after sales service and support for products.

Most managed WiFi providers offer two options to choose from: hardware based and software based. You can choose to use hardware-based equipment if your establishment is located in a premise that is already built and not yet equipped with modern wired internet connections. With this option, the installation is simpler and less expensive. However, using this type of managed WiFi service involves additional fees to cover hardware costs and to hire personnel to carry out the job. You also have to make arrangements for power supply and for ventilation.

The managed wifi service from managed wifi providers offers greater flexibility.

Businesses will have more freedom to choose the network they want and to adjust their access speeds as per needs. The most important benefit to managed wifi is that it gives large businesses more opportunity to connect to the internet at higher bandwidths. Businesses that own websites with significant traffic require faster connection speeds to conduct business.

In today’s competitive world, most business owners cannot afford to invest in costly wireless technology. In an effort to remain on top of the competition, many of them outsource their connectivity requirements to managed wifi providers. Outsource providers provide affordable, fast and reliable connectivity solutions. By outsourcing, a company does not place itself at risk. The company has the option to select the most suitable wireless service provider who meets its requirements at the most affordable cost.

One of the major benefits of having an outsourced managed wifi provider is cost savings. Businesses do not have to set up a brand new infrastructure and spend a huge capital amount to equip it with wireless networks. Instead, the companies just need to pay a small monthly fee to the service provider and they will do the rest of the work. If the company wants to fully utilize the network, then they may have to extend their contract period and add a few more months onto the contract. It is not that difficult to outsource managed wifi services; however, the responsibility lies with the client to find the best provider who meets all their requirements.

For a company to reap maximum benefits from their managed wifi system, the area that is to be connected must be determined. This means that each and every point in the business network must be checked for availability and the feasibility of the access point. In addition, if the access point is not accessible, it will affect the performance of the wireless network. It also affects the security of the system, since the person using the wireless network must know the password and the access code in order to gain access to the given space.

The companies that offer business managed wifi solutions in residential buildings usually perform a survey before installation begins. They check each and every point and evaluate the possible problems that may arise during or after the installation.

  • They take into consideration the cost of downtime, the performance level of the wireless network and the security of the access points.
  • Of course, these are only some of the considerations that they make to ensure that the business managed wifi solutions in residential buildings are effective.
  • Most of the time, they are the ones responsible for selecting an installer.